Support the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom 2012 — 2013

The Campaign For Trade Union Freedom is financed by affiliation fees from trade union bodies and support from individuals. By being a supporter you show that you agree with the call for trade union freedom, an end to attacks on trade unions not only in the UK but across the world, to repeal anti-trade union laws, support for collective bargaining – and you can assist us in our campaigns. Our affiliation year runs from March 25th to March 24th.

Affiliation Fees

National Unions – 100,000 or more £650

National Unions – 100,000 or less £150

Union Regions – £75

Union Branches  – 500 or more £75

Union Branches – 500 or less £35

Trade Union Councils – £35

Associations of TUCs – £35

Strike Committees, Smaller Organisations, Individuals and Mailing Lists – £15

Please complete the form below and make out a cheque to Campaign For Trade Union Freedom, and send it to 1, Islington, Liverpool, L3 8EG


You can donate and pay affiliation fees if you prefer via PayPal