Unite: Statement On Union Bill

UnknownThe following statement was issued by Unite on the Trade Union Bill:

The Tories are taking Britain back to the 1920s with this shamelessly partisan attack on the funding of the opposition  party. Political funds are already subject to approval being given in regular ballots by unions.

Tory hedge fund and multimillionaire donors will face no similar restrictions, leaving boards free to write hefty cheques backing the Tory party.

Absent from the Tory manifesto, there is zero popular mandate for this move which is just one more attack on working people.  It is clear there is no place for trade unions in Cameron’s ‘one nation’.

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  1. James McElhoney says:

    Direct action please! All unions to organise a national strike and mass demonstrations. It’s time the trade union movement got off its knees and started kicking back

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