UK-US trade talks postponed indefinitely

Below is a summary of a Daily Telegraph article not widely reported on – but it is a big blow to Johnson’s hare brained plans to drive through a trade deal with the EU and the US at the same time, something unions and employers said could not be done and would be foolish. Equally the TUC and the AFL-CIO in the USA suggested that the UK would be best served by trying to reach an agreement with the EU.

Only a few weeks ago civil servants said they were looking at ‘creative ways’ of conducting the talks.

If you have an account with the Telegraph click on the link below.

UK-US trade talks postponed indefinitely as Covid-19 crisis puts speedy deal in doubt…

“Negotiations on a UK-US free trade deal have been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus crisis, raising fresh doubts about whether an agreement can be struck before Donald Trump faces re-election in November. The Telegraph understands that formal talks were due to start after years of preparation in the week beginning March 23rd, with Liz Truss, the International Trade Secretary, flying out to Washington DC with her top trade officials. However the plans, which would have seen around 100 politicians and negotiators discuss terms over multiple days, were cancelled along with events across all aspects of public life as lockdowns were announced due to Covid-19.” – Daily Telegraph

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