Working Time Regulations – New Guide For Trade Unionists

Working time cover dark JennyOver the past few years it has become clear that one of the Tories main targets in ‘repatriating’ laws back to the UK is the European Working Time Directive. The Directive is still in their sights!

In the 15 years since the introduction of the European Working Time Directive, (which is health and safety legislation) the hours worked per person in the UK have dropped overall – but this is partly as a result of recession.

Yet even now 35% of employees work 40 to 48 hours per week while a further 11% work more than 48 hours. Furthermore it is estimated at least 2 million workers are not getting their minimum holiday rights.

With increasing pressure on fewer workers to cover the same workloads, pressure on workers to work longer hours – or face reprisals – trade union reps need to be clear about members’ rights to basic health and safety entitlements – including working hours, time off between shifts, rest and meal breaks etc.

A new booklet from LRD gives the facts and helps make the case for the Working Time Directive. Click here to download the order form from LRD.

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