Mexican Unions – ‘unprecedented support’

The last week (February 18th to 24th) saw unprecedented support for independent Mexican unions currently under attack by the Mexican Government and multi-national corporations such as the Finnish company PKC and Honda.

The Campaign For Trade Union Freedom was a co-sponsor (with the TUC, Unite, Workers Uniting and Latin America 2013) of an excellent meeting held in London where Professor Keith Ewing, Vice President of the Campaign was a keynote speaker, along with Francisco Dominguez of Middlesex University and the TUC’s Owen Tudor. The meeting was chaired by Unite AGS Diana Holland.

Read and listen to Union Solidarity International’s Report on the Crisis In Mexico by clicking here. Thanks to Andrew Brady and Walton Pantland for this report.

We hope to have a video of the meeting available soon and it will be posted on this site.

In the mean time thanks to those who attended the meeting and who have expressed an interest in supporting unions who are under attack in Mexico.

One of the issues discussed was the plight of Napoleon Gomez, the exiled leader of the Los Mineros union, who fled Mexico under the threat of arrest on trumped up charges after publicly criticising the Mexican government and mine owners following the disaster at the the Pasta de Conchos, mine.

His new book “Collapse of Dignity – A Story Of A Mining Tragedy And The Fight Against Greed And Corruption In Mexico” will be available in April and you can find out more about it and pre-order a copy here.

Click here and here for more information.

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