US Workers Rights: Grinding To A Halt

Rich Trumka, AFL-CIO President

Rich Trumka, AFL-CIO President

This week CTUF Assistant Secretary Adrian Weir received the following “round robin letter” from Rich Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO in the USA. The letter refers to the threat to shut down the National Labour Relations Board by Republican’s in Washington.

CTUF are reproducing the letter with the links and also a link to a longer article by Rich Trumka which you can view by clicking here:

“Anti-worker politicians in Washington and their corporate donors are striking at the rights of workers. Again.

They’re threatening to shut down the National Labor Relations Board, the independent agency that protects workers’ rights, by holding up President Barack Obama’s nominations to the Board.

If the NLRB nominees aren’t confirmed, thousands of workers—who are waiting for the Board’s decisions in key workplace cases—won’t get their cases decided.

Tell your senators to confirm President Obama’s NLRB nominations to make sure workers’ rights are protected.

Extremist lawmakers have held multiple hearings attacking the NLRB for doing its job. In 2011 alone, they introduced 25 bills and amendments to defund the board, weaken workers’ rights to free and fair union elections, and undermine the board’s enforcement authority.1

This attempt to score cheap political points with deep-pocketed special interests has real consequences for all of us. Working families have suffered enough, and this will kill one of the few protections they have left.

The NLRB has been critical in standing up for the rights of all working families. CEOs have too much power as it is. Let’s not let them grab any more.

Your senators needs to hear from you. Tell them to confirm President Obama’s NLRB nominations and stop the corporate power grab:

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