UK Unions Stands With Indian Farmers – Sign The Petition

War On Want have published a statement signed eighteen by leading UK Trade Unionists pledging support for Indian Farmers who are taking action against the imposition of three pernicious laws which could render them landless, impoverished and beholden to multinational corporations through contract farming.

Across the country more than 250 million people took part. Farmers movements with the support of the Indian trade union movement combined to make the demonstration immense and impossible to ignore – or so we all hoped.

On 12th January, the Supreme Court of India suspended the three laws, proposing instead a tripartite committee. However, the farmers do not see a suspension as a permanent solution and are pursuing their goal of a total repeal of the farm laws.

The organisers are calling for a nationwide protest on 26th January 2021, India’s Republic Day.

Through the networks and organisations that War On Want works with, this demonstration of international solidarity has been vitally important.

War On Want are now asking union members and supporters to sign a petition to the Indian High Commission.

Please sign this petition ahead of the 26th January protests.

 Social media posts would also be gratefully received.

War On Want have produced an analysis of the situation with the petition. Please feel free to use this.

Thank you so much for your support, War on Want really does appreciate the support and solidarity of trade unions.

Jackie Simpkins, Trades Unions Officer, War On Want

Twitter; @WarOnWant

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