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yraw footerByron Taylor of Unions Together (aka TULO) has posted this to TULO supporters. many thanks Comrade. see you at the launch rally on March 23rd.

It’s not often we invite you to an event, but this one is rather special.

In a couple of weeks a new campaign is being launched, one that asks the Government to stand up and meet its international obligations. It’s the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom.

We often forget the important role trade unions play in our economy – by negotiating with employers they spread the proceeds of economic growth to employees and their families. It was one of the main reasons Britain was a more equal society during the post war period. The current legal restrictions on trade unions prevent them from carrying out this function, which is why wages have declined over the last 30 years.

Similarly, trade unions are an important form of employment protection. They work with good businesses to make them better, and bring their members together to put pressure on bad employers and make them change their ways.

Unfortunately trade unions have been subject to heavy legal restrictions since the 1980s… and too many employers are now able to get away with treating employees badly.

The Campaign for Trade Union Freedom wants to change this. It wants unions to be able to play their role in building the society we all want to see – a fairer and more equitable society, where no employer can rule by fear and insecurity.

The Launch Rally is on Saturday 23 March. It’s from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, at Friends Meeting House at 173 Euston Road in London.

Whether you are a union member, a Party member, someone who supports a fairer society or even just someone who wants to find out more about trade unions, why don’t you come along?

I’ll be there, and I hope you will be too.


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