Trade Union Bill: TUC Lobby Of Parliament – email your Tory M.P.


Monday, November 2nd

Rally in Central Hall, Westminster, London

Start: 1:00pm Lobby your M.P. from 2.30pm

(You may need to make an appointment with your MP)

If you cannot attend in person please email your Conservative M.P. here with the following questions which you can copy and paste into the form that will appear when you click through on the site.

The site will identify the party of your Member of Parliament:

  • With recorded strikes at a historic low, what is the real purpose of the Trade Union Bill?
  • How will allowing for the recruitment of agency labour during an industrial dispute improve an already tense situation?
  • It is unprecedented that a governing party would use its parliamentary majority to legislate to cut off funding for the opposition party, is this not anti-democratic?
  • Given the police do not wish to be given any new powers, why is the Government pressing ahead with the proposals for identifiable “picket supervisors” who must show a “letter of authority” to almost anybody who asks seem draconian and could lead to a new round of “blacklisting”?
  • Why is the Government refusing to accept secret, supervised workplace ballots and electronic balloting for union members taking part in industrial action ballots?





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3 Responses to Trade Union Bill: TUC Lobby Of Parliament – email your Tory M.P.

  1. Doug James says:

    Please support Trade Union freedom. We need a loud clear message from you to stand up for Unions.

  2. Jamie Craig says:

    Every Tory voter that helped this dictatorship to government should hang their head in shame

  3. Peter logan says:

    Please remember it is our job to leave a better tommorow for our children and neighbours.
    Educate’ Organise’ Agitate.
    To be free from oppression we need to be prepared to fight.

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