Trade must promote good jobs and labour standards

Paul Nowak Deputy General Secretary of the TUC

The TUC’s Deputy General Secretary Paul Nowak has been appointed to the government’s Strategic Trade Advisory Group that will advise the government on trade policy. 

On the day of the Group’s first meeting, June 6th, with Secretary of State for International Trade Dr. Liam Fox MP for the first meeting of the Government’s Strategic Trade Advisory Group. the TUC joined with fellow members of the group – the employers body the CBI, the Federation of Small Business, SB, Fairtrade Foundation and Which? – to release a statement calling on the government to ensure trade policy and trade deals:

  • Enforce and uphold international labour standards
  • Provide full protection for all public services
  • Promote the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ensures fair and transparent dispute resolution
  • Promote good jobs and fair pay

The joint statement can be found here:

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