Support Unite Members In Dispute With The RSPCA

Unite the Union members at the RSPCA are currently being balloted to take strike action over new contracts being forced on them by RSPCA, who are proposing to end their hard working, skilled, caring and loyal staff’s contractual right to sickness, holiday and maternity pay.

The CEO Chris Sherwood is refusing point blank to negotiate with our union.

On Monday he will be on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Emma Barnett show at 11am.

To support the workers at the RSPCA by tuning in and join in the conversation. TEXT your questions to 85058.

Suggested questions:

  • You are forcing staff to leave your charity who have worked there for years. Why?
  • You have accepted that bullying is a big issue within the RSPCA. What have you done to try and resolve this?
  • Do you think that forcing everyone to change their contracts is also bullying?
  • Staff at your charity are balloting for industrial action. Do you feel that you have the confidence of your staff?

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@bbc5live @RSPCA_Official @RSPCAChris Stop making staff sign their contractual rights away. Sit down with the @unitetheunion for meaningful talks. #RSPCAStrikeballot #RespectRSPCA

¬†@bbc5live @RSPCAChris I stand with @RSPCA_Official workers and @unitetheunion because negotiation is always better than imposing ‚Äėbully boy‚Äô contracts without consultation.#RSPCAStrikeballot @unitetheunion #RespectRSPCA

@bbc5live @RSPCA_Official @RSPCAChris Respect your staff and @unitetheunion. It’s time to return to the negotiating table and listen. #RespectRSPCA #RSPCAStrikeballot @unitetheunion

@bbc5live @RSPCA_Official @RSPCAChris Please stop the bully boy tactics and work with @uniettheunion to to rebuild trust. #RespectRSPCA #RSPCAStrikeballot @unitetheunion

@bbc5live @RSPCA_Official @RSPCAChris we stand with workers and are against the imposition of contractual changes without meaningful negotiation. #RespectRSPCA #RSPCAStrikeballot @unitetheunion

@bbc5live @RSPCA_Official @RSPCAChris I am outraged to hear that hardworking and dedicated RSPCA workers are being forced to sign new contracts which remove sick pay, maternity pay and other contractual rights. #RespectRSPCA #RSPCAStrikeballot @unitetheunion

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