Support McDonald’s Workers On Strike!

McDonald’s workers are going on strike! On Tuesday workers from six south London stores are striking for ÂŁ15 an hour, guaranteed hours and a union.

The McStrikers will deliver an open letter for party leaders to No. 10 Downing Street demanding a New Deal for McDonald’s Workers. They are taking action to demand basic respect at work and an end to poverty pay.

Add your name to show them you’ve got their backs.

McDonald’s workers around the world are standing up to the second largest private employer in the world. McDonald’s is global but so is our movement. Fast food workers around the world will be standing up for their rights at work on the same day.

McDonald’s has deep pockets, but we have people power and justice on our side. McDonald’s workers are showing that they are not afraid. They are demanding that McDonald’s treats them with the respect that we all deserve.

Add your voice and show them that you stand with them.

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  1. Paul Peacock says:

    Solidarity Sisters and Brothers ✊

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