Reconstruction after the Crisis: A Manifesto for Collective Bargaining

67c165b98e0c45ea2d4b071d8bb4724c8eae03a9The authors of this Class and Institute of Employment Rights joint report set out a timely argument for the introduction of a statutory framework for collective bargaining.

Professor Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC trace the historical background to the current economic crisis – including the dismantling of trade union rights by successive governments since 1980 – and set out a viable alternative for economic growth based on international law and best European practices.

It was considered that the solution to the current crisis must involve a change to the structure of industrial relations in the UK. Indeed, it has been cited that current features of UK industrial relations have been a cause of the depth of the current crisis. For this reason, the need to devise a new industrial relations’ settlement to lift the UK out of its deep and prolonged economic crisis was apparent.

A long-term solution is proposed in this publication, which would have immediate impact – in short, the restoration of collective bargaining.

A return to collective bargaining would act as a way of reducing inequality, enhancing employee’s voices in the workplace, raising wages and generally improving the terms and conditions of employment.

This is neither new nor radical, with similar initiatives having been adopted by governments of all political stripes, across the world, over the last hundred years, in response to economic crises such as the one we are now encountering.

The end result is a publication that acts as a considered and fully evidence-based policy recommendation summed up in a succinct ten point manifesto for collective bargaining, supported by 15 unions.

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