Peru: Government Aims To Break Public Sector Unions

Peru_march4b19e6Peru’s new Civil Service Law aims to smash the power of the country’s public sector unions. The law has already been passed by the country’s Congress, and if it is approved by President Humala it will:

* remove the right of public sector unions to negotiate wages

* determine a model of union organisation in the sector

* allow for the implementation of reforms in the structure of employment and public services without any legislative consultation.

* deny the right to strike in essential sectors, without defining which sectors are ‘essential’.

The Peruvian government is facing a growing movement of protests and strikes against corruption and poor pay in the country – it must not be allowed to shift the blame on to hard-working public sector workers.

If you believe that all workers have the right to independent unions and collective bargaining, please take a few seconds to send a message to demand that President Humala throws out the worst elements of this law.

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