Peru Expells Union Organiser

img_6578_2The Peruvian Government has expelled Orhan Akman, a German union organiser who is responsible for Union Network International Americas (the global services union) in Peru and prohibited him from re-entering the country, in an action that constitutes a violation of individual and collective rights. 

Akman, who has supported union organising and collective bargaining working with UNI affilated unions in Peru, has been accused by the Interior Ministry of “disrupting public order, tranquility, and social peace” for participating of peaceful demonstrations with workers of Cencosud in June and October 2015.

The Migration Services Management argued that these facts “had been corroborated by certified reports issued by the PNP [Peruvian National Police] Precinct of San Antonio Miraflores.”

Yet, no alleged piece of evidence proving that Akman had disrupted public order, as the accusation against him claims, could be found at the above precinct.

In a statement UNI said: “In light of this, we consider this decision made without proof or prior notice to the accused to be in violation of the right of defence and that it affects the constitutional and human right embodied by the presumption of innocence.

“We also express our concern about the physical integrity of Orhan Akman, who was tailed and photographed and who was also threatened by a security chief who works at Cencosud.

“Similarly, another UNI Americas staff member who advises the union of this company in Peru was intercepted and questioned for more than one hour by police when he was leaving the country after triggering “a red code” at airport security.

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