No World Cup In Qatar Without Labour Rights

New_logo_spip.1.1The European Trade Union Confederation has called on UEFA representatives in the FIFA Executive Committee meeting in Zurich later this week to obtain immediate and binding guarantees on labour rights from the authorities in Qatar.  Without these, the venue of the 2022 World Cup should be reconsidered.

ETUC General Secretary, Bernadette Ségol said: “Recent reports have exposed massive abuse and exploitation of migrant workers preparing the emirate for 2022.  Dozens of Nepalese workers have already died and it is estimated that 4 000 could suffer the same fate if action isn’t taken now.  Workers have been denied access to free drinking water in extreme heat, have been unpaid for months and have had their passports confiscated to prevent them from leaving the country. It is reported that systematic forced labour has been adopted. That is totally unacceptable, and I call on Michel Platini and colleagues in European football to make it clear that the World Cup will be moved if these practices are not ended now.”

The FIFA Statutes expressly commit all involved in the world of football to promote friendly relations in society for humanitarian objectives and to fight discrimination of any kind. The ETUC calls on Qatar to meet those ideals and to respect fully international labour standards, notably the ban on forced labour and the right of all workers to have proper trade union representation.

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