Mexico: Los Minero’s Halts Yellow Union Plan.

Napoleon Gomez, the head of Mexico's metals and mining union, Los Mineros

Napoleon Gomez, the head of Mexico’s metals and mining union, Los Mineros

The Mexican mining and metalworkers union Los Mineros has won a major victory at the Hercules Mine in the state of Coahuila, defeating a company supported (yellow) union 585 to 375.

AHMSA, a major steel and mining company owned by Alonso Ancira, set up a company union in 2015 in an attempt to gain control of the 11 Los Mineros locals (Branches) that represent its workers.  This was the first time workers had a chance to vote, and they chose to stick with the Los Mineros.  It’s a huge win for the union and a major a defeat for an employer who was recently named in the Panama Papers, as well a defeat for the federal and state government that backed up the company.

Los Mineros is headed and directed by Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, its President and General Secretary, who said his union was grateful for the support provided by national and international unions including the United Steelworkers from the U.S. and  Canada (USW); Unite the Union inthe United Kingdom and Ireland and IndustriALL Global Union.

Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, also congratulated the members of Section 265 in Hércules, Coahuila and their families for having stood up with courage against the threats and pressures of the company lead by Alonso Ancira Elizondo, and for the unity, loyalty and solidarity that they amply demonstrated in this important struggle.

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