Mexican Unions Form New Movement To Fight Yellow Unions

Napole√≥n G√≥mez Urrutia,¬†President of Mexico’s biggest trade union Los Mineros (the mining, metals and manufacturing union) who is also a Senator in the new left lead Mexican Government has called on Mexico’s¬†independent trade unions and labour organisations to join in a new movement – the International ¬†Workers Confederation (IWC). ¬†

He called on labour organizations to build on the momentum that the country is experiencing in order to consolidate the rights and gains of trade unions, increase wages and make union democracy a reality, emphasising that it is time to pay the historic debt owed to the working class.

Announcing the First General Assembly of this new group of more than 10,000 members in¬†L√°zaro C√°rdenas, Michoac√°n,¬†on April 17th, which was also attended by representatives of Unite and the US and Canadian United Steelworkers union he emphasised the need for the country’s unions to organize and unify, because the transformation has just started and “it is up to the workers to do our part to fully defend our rights.”

He said that the working class must fight to rescue its unions, make its rights a reality, and demonstrate that the only way to do this is through organising, while warning that “unless we have have free unions and unity, we will never be heard by business, the authorities, or society.”

Gómez Urrutia stressed that unions must also internationalise and globalize to defend together the rights of workers in every country and gain greater strength and unity to confront the bosses, and respect for the rights of workers who produce their wealth but are poorly compensated.

Los Mineros is a now member of the global union Workers Uniting with Unite in the UK and Ireland and the United Steelworkers in the USA and Canada.

Unite’s vice chair Jayne Taylor addressed thousands of Los Mineros and United Steelworkers members at the assembly welcoming them into the Workers Uniting family and pledging solidarity and support for Mexican workers fighting against ayellow unions and anti union global corporations exploiting Mexican workers.

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