Letter to the Morning Star – New Trade Agreements

Your sub-editor did Star letter writer Phil Fletcher (31st December) no favours with the headline “only Greens realise TTIP spells disaster”.

 Not only during 2014 have many trade unions, including Unite and the TUC, come out strongly in opposition to TTIP but many civil society organisations, including War On Want, are in the vanguard of mobilising a wide spectrum of opposition.

The activists’ group Campaign For Trade Union Freedom has been posting on its website articles about all of the new generation of “free trade” treaties including TTIP but also bringing into the debate CETA, the EU-Canada deal; TiSA, the proposed multilateral deal on tradeable services; and, TPP, the trans Pacific deal the Americans are trying to broker in the Pacific basin. Readers should visit the website: www.tradeunionfreedom.co.uk

This new generation of “free trade” treaties is remarkable in that they have little to do with trade but everything to do with global de-regulation and extending the reach of the neo-liberal agenda and corporate power.

In early December CTUF organised a major public meeting opposing all of these proposed treaties addressed by Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary; John Hendy QC; Steve Turner, Unite Assistant General Secretary; Jean Lambert MEP; John Hilary, War on Want; and John Storey, Unite Executive Council.

The Greens are an important part of the anti-TTIP alliance but not the only organisation to appreciate the dangers contained within this and the other proposed treaties.

Adrian Weir
Asst National Secretary
Campaign for Trade Union Freedom

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