L.R.C. Annual Conference

header_left4Campaign For Trade Union Freedom, Assistant Secretary Adrian Weir will be a guest speaker at the Annual Conference of the L.R.C. on November 8th in London.

Adrian will speak on the TTIP and CETA and the effects these trade deals will have on employment rights, the Investor State Dispute Clauses, the NHS and the race to the bottom workers in Europe, the USA and Canada will face.

Details: Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London. 10.00am, November 8th.

Speakers include: Jeremy Corbyn MP; Matt Wrack, FBU; Adrian Weir, CTUF; Maria Exall, CWU; Ian Hodson, BFAW; Liz French, Woman Against Pit Closures; Darren Williams, Welsh Labour Grass Roots.


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