Support Indian Farmers Dispute Says Unite’s Jas Gill

By Jas Gill, Unite Executive Council Member

The Punjab farmers dispute is the biggest dispute and the largest protest in the world and other states in India have joined in. There are a lot of people in the Punjabi community posting this on their social media but it has been shadow banned by Facebook. Whereas, mainstream media has not mentioned it a lot during the 40 plus days the protests have been going on.

These farmers bills have huge impact on farming communities in India which are poor and at most farmers only have a few acres of lands.

These three bills will allow large corporations to dictate price and supply which can in essence make farmers lose their livelihoods. This is the biggest stand against a government and corporation in the world.

They have been peacefully protesting for over 40 days and have been met with blockades, violence, tear gas, water cannons and more. Indian government are stopping people from a democratic right which is to protest peacefully.

Farmers have been making food and giving it to other communities in the areas they are protesting, setting up schools, gyms, giving blood and setting up medical centres to help the people in need. Indian government has tried to label farmers as terrorists to discredit there dispute and has used Indian media for their bias propaganda.

There have been many protests by the Punjabi community around the world, in London, Vancouver, Birmingham, San Francisco, New York, Washington, Panama, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Toronto and much more.

This week MP Tanmanjeet Dhesi has got a letter cross party signed by over 100 MPs and lords which addresses the issues and the fact Boris Johnson has overlooked these issues.

In India there will be a mass demonstration on there independence day on the January 26th by the farmers Unions.

Can CTUF supporters highlight this dispute to all the trade unions and federations around the world to support the farmers and join on the 26th January. 

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