Holiday Pay Win For UK Unions

This week there was an historic ruling that workers in the UK are entitled to have overtime and other payments included in their holiday pay calculations.

The ruling attracted much media attention with some employers going into near panic, warning of lay offs and bankrupted companies.

The Government panicked and rushed into setting up a ‘task force’ to look at how to limit the impact of the ruling.

As many of us remember employers said the same thing about the national minimum wage and increased holidays emanating from the EU.

Some employers and employers bodies took the decision in their stride saying that they will comply with the ruling, get on with it and work with unions on the issue.

Howard Beckett, the legal director for Unite explains in the video that the ruling by the employment appeal tribunal to include overtime in holiday pay will not open the floodgates to historic payments.

The ruling comes after some workers who are contractually obliged to work overtime were receiving less than their normal wage in holiday pay.

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