Have you heard about TTIP’s dangerous cousin, CETA?

headerYou probably know about TTIP – the EU-US trade deal that will let corporations sue states for lost profits via secret tribunals – but have you met its dangerous cousin, CETA?

ceta-mailingCETA – the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – was drawn up by Canada and the EU last year. It contains clauses that are every bit as sinister as TTIP, including the same secret courts that give corporations power over governments. US companies with bases in Canada will be able to use the treaty to sue our governments too. They could use it to block minimum wage policies, environmental protection and moves to renationalise transport and health services.

The good news is that CETA hasn’t yet passed into law and there’s still time to stop it. But we must act now as the treaty could be ratified within months. We need to make sure Members of the European Parliament know we expect them to vote against this undemocratic deal.

Union representatives will be visiting Brussels next week.

Add your name now and help them show our MEPs that we want this bad trade deal stopped.

Sign the petition to call on your MEP to vote against CETA  – click here

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