Finland’s Unions Seek Ban On Zero Hours

41c40740-19b4-4d2b-9772-8ae228c32cdeFinland’s trade unions are vigorously promoting a citizens initiative which would oblige Parliament to debate and adopt a law banning zero-hours contracts.


Young union activists in particular have been the driving force behind Operaatio vakiduuni (Operation steady job), which aims to collect 50,000 voter signatures and, if accepted by Parliament, would compel lawmakers, to start drafting legislation to outlaw the contracts, which have spread to all employment sectors.

In addition to banning contracts with no specified hours, Operation steady job also demands a guaranteed 18 hours of weekly work for part-time workers, improved conditions for workers employed through temp agencies, improved unemployment benefits for part-timers and advance information on working hours in part-time contracts.

Thanks to the IUF.

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