ETUC slams deregulation and attacks on workers’ rights

New_logo_spip.1.1The European Commission has published its Communication “Refit – fit for growth” and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) said it deplores the deregulatory approach followed by the Commission and says no to attacks on workers’ rights.

 There will be no new programme on Health and Safety, the agreement reached by social partners in the field of health and safety for hairdressers is blocked; the Commission wants to weaken legislation on information and consultation of workers and make it more favourable to business.

 In addition, the Commission announces a review of important legislation on part time work, and fixed term contracts, which are the result of negotiation between social partners.

Also under scrutiny for downsizing are legislation on information on employment contract and temporary agency work.

In the past the Commission was producing social programmes to move our societies upwards. ETUC is appalled at the current lack of initiatives to establish or strengthen a level playing field for workers’ protection.

Bernadette Ségol said: “The internal market is only acceptable if implemented with strong social rules. The Commission’s refit programme is blocking all progress in that direction.  We need social rights across the board for all EU workers. The social dimension of the EU with its indicators is not meeting this objective.”

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