Employment Law Specialists Thompsons Solicitors Respond To The Government’s Revised Brexit Proposals

“The Conservative Government Has Completely Whitewashed Workers’ Rights From Its Revised Stance On Brexit.

“This isn’t a case of protection for workers being pushed to the bottom of the pile – it’s a case of them being ignored altogether.

“In reading government’s revised proposals we note there is no mention of workers’ rights whatsoever. Even the meaningless and already-inadequate protections featured in Annex 4 to Theresa May’s original Northern Ireland Protocol have been expressly deleted – showing how little value this government places on the rights of working citizens.

“This so-called ‘deal’ will be as bad for workers’ rights as the threatened no-deal Brexit, and is a troubling sign of things to come under Johnson’s premiership.”

Read more of why we believe a ‘no deal’ would be the worst possible outcome for workers’ rights here.




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