CTUF – IER Fringe at Labour Conference

There has been an error regarding details of the CTUF- IER Fringe on Monday lunchtime (25th September) – the event has been omitted from the official printed fringe guide.

We are trying to make sure the Fringe is included in the Labour Party Conference app.

Go to App Store and search for Labour Conference.

Easy to use and  download to an i-phone – choose a meeting you want to attend and the app will transfer the information to your calendar with alerts, etc.

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2 Responses to CTUF – IER Fringe at Labour Conference

  1. Sacha Ismail says:

    Several CLPs have submitted resolutions to this year’s conference with demands that seem pretty closely modelled on the CTUF’s demands See eg https://theclarionmag.org/2017/09/05/tamworthclptradeunionrights

    There are a number of difficulties with getting this passed but as I understand it one is some unions arguing against such demands. That includes union affiliated to CTUF. That is apparently what happened in the composite in 2015.

    More generally, as far as I know no union, certainly no big union, has ever put demands for repeal of the anti-union laws on the conference agenda.

    So I think some comradely but frank discussion about that would be merited! See you Monday.

  2. Sacha Ismail says:

    Further to above, big win at Labour conference https://theclarionmag.org/2017/11/13/labourvotestoscrapallantiunionlaws

    Surprised the campaign has not reported on it?

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