Coronavirus And Campaign For Trade Union Freedom

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease and the Government’s ineptitude in the face of the crisis the Steering Committee of the Campaign For Trade Union Freedom believes that it would be reckless and foolhardy to proceed with our planned conference Trade Union Laws: Resist, Repeal, Replace scheduled for 6th June. Therefore we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the conference at least until the autumn of this year.

A difficult decision because the Steering Committee is very much aware that the proposals set out in the Tory General Election Manifesto and in the Queen’s Speech represent the opening of another front in the assault on organised labour by the Conservatives and their allies, but the safety of our members and supporters is of course paramount.

We are also very much aware that any emergency powers introduced by this Government to deal with coronavirus will very probably contain anti-worker and anti-union measures that may be difficult to roll back after the crisis has passed.

Currently the Government is casting tens of thousands of low paid hospitality and gig workers adrift as it works to defend its friends in the insurance industry, immediately giving a lie to “one nation” conservatism.

Our AGM should usually take place in June each year; we had not yet set a date but we will also be postponing this until at least the autumn.

Finally, we will be suspending publication of our printed quarterly newsletter until further notice because of distribution problems.

Members and supporters should visit this website regularly and of course follow us on Twitter @UnionFreedom for regular news items and comment.

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